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How Can Predictive Analytics Help with Higher Education Retention

Higher education institutions are constantly looking for ways to improve their student retention rates, and analytics can provide invaluable insights into how to do just that. Through the use of predictive analytics, colleges and universities can identify current and potential students who may be at risk of dropping out or not completing their degree on time. By utilizing data-driven methods to identify warning signs such as a lack of engagement or poor grades, administrators can take proactive steps to address these issues before they become too serious.

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Proper Post Implementation ERP System Maintenance

Despite the numerous advantages of ERP systems, the critical aspect of post-implementation maintenance is often overlooked. Failing to maintain and update the system can lead to it becoming outdated, unstable, vulnerable to security threats, and ultimately requiring significant investments in time, money, and human resources to replace. As such, it is essential to establish a comprehensive maintenance plan and system maintenance life cycle to ensure the system remains stable and secure and performs optimally.

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How Educational Institutions Can Choose the Most Effective Wi-Fi Security Solutions to Protect their Critical Information Assets

In today’s increasingly digitized world, educational institutions face a growing risk of compromising critical information assets. These assets may include confidential and sensitive information such as student and faculty records, intellectual property, financial data, and more. The risks associated with these assets are significant and can range from data breaches and identity theft to malware attacks and ransomware.
To mitigate these risks, educational institutions must take proactive steps to protect their critical information assets. This includes implementing robust security measures such as data encryption, secured Wi-Fi connections, firewall protection, and regular security audits. By prioritizing the protection of their information assets, educational institutions can safeguard against potential threats and ensure the safety of their students, faculty members, and other stakeholders.

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How Higher Education Registrars Benefit from 3rd Party Ellucian Banner and Degree Works

Ellucian Banner and Degree Works systems are designed to integrate with other systems, including enrollment and financial aid systems. However, ensuring that data is exchanged and processed correctly can be a challenge for Registrar Offices. This is where a consultant who possesses both functional and technical knowledge of the software can be invaluable. Such a consultant can assist Registrar Offices with the integration of these systems, ensuring that data is accurately exchanged and processed between them. With the help of a knowledgeable consultant, Registrar Offices can streamline their processes and optimize their use of Ellucian Banner and Degree Works software.

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Staying ahead of the Technology Curve. Why it is Important to Have a Planned Hardware Refresh Cycle

Universities and colleges are increasingly prioritizing the use of technology in their classrooms to ensure their students have access to the best possible learning experience. Upgrading and refreshing hardware such as computer labs, lecture halls, and classrooms is integral for universities and colleges to remain competitive in the higher education market. By taking a managed approach to upgrading and refreshing hardware, universities and colleges can continue to provide their students with access to the latest technologies available.

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My Data is a Mess

By harnessing the power of IT and data analytics, higher education institutions can identify patterns and track progress to develop...

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