Secure With Confidence. Execute With Precision. Optimize Your IT Investment.

From cyber and compliance protection to managed IT services CAG covers many clients where they need it most.

Higher Education

CAG has an excellent track record in this field, including keeping costs within budget. We will be able to improve services and compliance while also reducing our overall spend.

Dr. Mark Stone

Chief Information Officer
Texas A&M University System

Due Diligence

I have worked with the management team at Columbia Advisory Group for many years. I know we can rely on them to offer sound advice and proven ideas for our IT due diligence. Their skills and hard work recently helped us quickly and smoothly close multiple transactions. I trust the team at CAG to give us solid insights about processes, tech resources and platform audits.

Jeanne M. Sullivan

Former Special Advisor and Co-Founder
StarVest Partners

Corporate Infrastructure

The CAG team did a great job of keeping our site and business up and running while improving our technical infrastructure. Keeping our data fresh, organized and secure is critical to serving the needs of companies and veterans; we count on CAG to do it right every time.

Peter A. Gudmundsson

Former CEO

Private Equity

Columbia Advisory Group is our ‘go to’ technology partner because they combine a deep expertise in all IT related matters with a thorough knowledge of the business and transaction dynamics. They consistently delivered thorough analysis and insightful recommendations under aggressive timelines, which supported us in closing multiple acquisitions. We look forward to working with them again.

Brian Steinbrueck

Dallas-based private equity firm

Secure Data Integration

We have a sophisticated website that is the heart of our business. It is the engine for employers and military veterans to connect with one another. They rely on us for their livelihood, and we wouldn’t trust them to anyone other than CAG.

Peter A. Gudmundsson

Former CEO



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