Chief Information Officer as a Service (CIOaaS)

Your on-demand experienced leader responsible to guide IT initiatives, strategies, and roadmap to success

Creating value for their stakeholders is one of the primary motives of businesses, which makes it paramount for organizations to align their information technology roadmap with the business goals and objectives. Chief Information Officer or CIOs works as a liaison between business and technology teams. They leverage their industry knowledge, expertise, and operational insights to help an organization develop IT strategies aligned with its mission, vision, and goals.

CIOs add value by defining a clear path to digital transformation, IT cost and resource management, IT strategy definition and operationalization, and technology risks and compliance. However, IT-related matters might not always be on the Board’s agenda. This is where a service provider can fill in for the CIO’s responsibilities, which businesses can avail of as ‘CIO as a Service’ or CIOaaS.

CIOaaS ensures bringing in a CIO consultant for IT strategy alignment and implementation according to the organization’s long-term goals and short-term objectives. The CIOaaS consultants are focused and report directly to the senior management or the Board.

Columbia Advisory Group provides Chief Information Officer as a Service with well qualified and experience that:
  • Creating business value through digital transformation
  • Enable business agility
  • Define and build your technology roadmap
  • Improve people, processes, and technologies
  • Managing IT risks and costs
  • Ensuring proper governance and compliance with regulatory authorities

Our Key Chief Information Officer Services

By aligning our practice with these core capabilities in IT management we help our customers transition their Information Technology from a layer of resistance to a critical strategic business partner that provides an immediate return on investment.

Hiring a CAG CIO can help your organization with a long or short-term, on-demand specialist CIO. A CIO can advise the board on information technology, security, and privacy-related matters and works in tandem with CISOs, CTOs, and CEOs.

A CIO can create a plan and charter a technology roadmap to help organizations act more in line with their strategy, eliminate redundant processes, and continuously assess if the organization is on track to achieve its objectives.

Our experienced CIOs play a critical role in ensuring that the right tools and technology solutions are being used, IT services are efficient, and the processes are automated and creating business value.


Our CIOs can help you strategize, lead, motivate, and help delegate tasks to the right talent. They ensure that new processes are introduced, or existing ones are improved or eliminated as needed while leveraging the right technology framework.


  • Driving agility in the business while managing security and resilience is crucial for business growth. Our CIO services will help you ensure an independent viewpoint that can work above all regional bias and help companies to expand.


Our experts work with you to understand your business priorities, risks, and challenges; aligning your technology stack and people with your organizations goals. We deliver efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable IT solutions and strategies to support business growth and innovation while simultaneously managing risks and costs.

Leaders in Digital Transformation

Columbia Advisory Group’s managed compliance services will not only take you through the compliance readiness process but also ensures your organizations abides by regulatory requirements, certification bodies in preparation for third-party audits against security standards and cyber-insurance renewals.

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