Managed Information Technology

At Columbia Advisory Group, our goal is to improve the functional business performance of our clients by optimizing their technology resources.

CAG provides managed services tailored to your specific needs, we accomplish your business goals even in the most challenging economic or change environments. We advice the latest technologies & service approaches scaled to your specific requirements and budget

Managed Audio / Visual

  • Columbia Advisory Group’s Audio/Visual services unique is a skilled managed service provider who deploys, integrates and manages the entire OSI stack of network and technologies.  All modern A/V equipment is networked equipment and must be implemented as such. 


Cloud Managed Services

  • Columbia Advisory Group’s Managed Cloud Services enable your workforce to communicate and work efficiently together, no matter where they are in the world.  We help your organization innovate faster.  We help your organization develop a smarter, nimble operations all while streamlining critical IT processes and simplifying management, security and compliance.



  • Columbia Advisory Group knows how to customize your ERP to fit your business processes, either through the third party integrations or custom development. We can also advise when your processes should adapt to the ERP’s philosophy, since ‘custom’ does not always mean ‘better.’


Network Operations

  • Columbia Advisory Group’s monitoring services provide continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking via our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure you maintain the proper ongoing controls


Case Studies

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