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Do’s and Dont’s of Software Selection

Pay heed to Gartner’s “dos and don’ts” of software selection: following them will allow you to make informed decisions that can increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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What is Salesforce Education Cloud and Why Should Higher Education Consider It?

Implementing Salesforce Education Cloud in higher education can bring about numerous advantages to institutions and students alike. These include enhanced student engagement, improved efficiency, better data management, greater collaboration and customization. With Salesforce Education Cloud, organizations can optimize their operations and deliver more value to their student population.

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What is CMMC 2.0, and Why Must I Comply With it if I am a Small Business?

If you are a small business that works with the DoD or handles sensitive information for the DoD, it is crucial to comply with CMMC 2.0 to ensure the security of your organization and customers from cyber threats. Not complying with CMMC 2.0 could result in lost contracts and other unfortunate repercussions, so make sure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

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Why is it a Good Idea for Higher Education to Outsource its Cybersecurity Framework Assessments and Consider Hiring a Fractional vCISO

Higher education institutions should consider outsourcing their Cybersecurity Framework Assessments and hiring a fractional vCISO to ensure they have access to greater expertise and experience, unbiased and objective assessments, and an effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance program. By taking advantage of these resources, higher education institutions can better protect their systems and data as well as strengthen their security posture.

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Transportation Security Administration Cybersecurity Pipeline Compliance Requirement

The TSA Cybersecurity Pipeline Compliance (TSACPC) requirement applies to certain transportation systems that are considered critical infrastructure. Owner/Operators impacted should have received a memorandum. This requirement is designed to ensure that these systems have robust cybersecurity controls in place to protect against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

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My Data is a Mess

By harnessing the power of IT and data analytics, higher education institutions can identify patterns and track progress to develop...

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