IT Governance & Leadership

More than just a consultant, our Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer service programs becomes a strategic partner of your company helping you lower operation costs while building, managing, protecting and securing your information technology and cybersecurity footing.

Managed Information Technology

With managed services tailored to each client’s specific needs, we accomplish our clients’ goals even in the most challenging economic or change environments. We utilize the latest technologies and service approaches scaled to your specific requirements at a budget level that fits your performance targets.


Our cybersecurity team begins by developing customized security programs plans and risk registers as well as policy standards, and procedures based on appropriate security frameworks and the regulatory environment for your industry or campus. Lorem ipsum dolar for instance SOC 2, ISO 27001, etc etc.

Audio / Visual

ColumbiaAVS™ provides the right resources to walk customers through equipment preparation, delivery, installation and configuration. In addition, ColumbiaAVS™ Managed Services proactively maintains, monitors and manages its customers’ technology from the CAG 24/7 operations center, providing safeguards against critical downtime.

Compliance Driven SOC

Columbia Advisory Group’s monitoring services provide continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking via our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure you maintain the proper ongoing controls. We manage the entire process and act as your security and compliance department during the assessment, audit, examination, and certification.

More than Compliance Readiness

Columbia Advisory Group’s managed compliance services will not only take you through the compliance readiness process but also ensures your organizations abides by regulatory requirements, certification bodies in preparation for third-party audits against security standards and cyber-insurance renewals.

Columbia Advisory group delivers unified security & compliance reporting that allows your business to track its readiness against any security or risk-based standard in real time.

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