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How Can Predictive Analytics Help with Higher Education Retention

Higher education institutions are constantly looking for ways to improve student retention rates, and analytics can provide invaluable insights into how to do that. Through predictive analytics, colleges and universities can identify current and potential students who may be at risk of dropping out or not completing their degrees on time. By utilizing data-driven methods to identify warning signs such as a lack of engagement or poor grades, administrators can take proactive steps to address these issues before they become too serious.

For example, Degree Analytics is a company that offers an AI-based platform that tracks student data to predict risk factors. It collects information from admissions applications, transcripts, course records, and surveys – then uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the data and send targeted interventions when students are deemed at risk of leaving. These personalized interventions (such as targeted emails, text messages, or phone calls) enable institutions to reach out directly to students in need more quickly and effectively than ever.

Another way higher education institutions can use analytics to improve student retention is by creating personalized education plans for each student. By combining analytic tools with existing university resources, administrators can develop a comprehensive plan tailored to each student’s academic goals and strengths. This will enable them to get ahead in their studies faster and more effectively and stay on track toward graduation.

Finally, analytics can aid higher education institutions in developing better communication strategies between faculty and students – allowing them to understand better what’s working well (and where there’s room for improvement). By tracking what topics are discussed during lectures or which teaching techniques tend to lead to improved performance among different learners, faculty members can adjust their approach accordingly – leading to more successful outcomes in the classroom.

In summary, there’s no doubt that using analytical processes can help higher education institutions increase their student retention rates – enabling them to retain more students and create a better college experience overall. Several companies have already developed powerful platforms that utilize sophisticated analytical techniques; such tools allow administrators to take advantage of these benefits immediately and see marked improvements over traditional methods.


Ming Luong

Delivery Director

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