Outsourcing Models

Full Outsourcing

Columbia Advisory Group has the ability to identify and deliver meaningful cost savings opportunities, providing a turnkey IT solution to our partners. Our outsourcing services can be tailored to each client’s specific needs, improving IT performance while reducing costs and execution risk.

Typical outsourcing services include:

Partial Outsourcing

Columbia Advisory Group assists clients with outsourcing components of their internal IT departments for cost containment, service improvement, and resource management needs. Columbia Advisory Group works closely with our client’s IT management to ensure a seamless transition and effective ongoing communication occurs.

The functions that Columbia Advisory Group clients partially outsource include:

Working Hand-in-Hand

CAG Managed Resource Program coordinates with every department to ensure smooth business functioning. Since it leverages the outsourcing model, we evaluate the process and technology gaps to eliminate any roadblocks, a prime reason for business bottlenecks.

Flexibility is the hallmark of the CAG managed resource services. We tailor our services according to the specific requirements of our clients, thereby ensuring customized products and services, enhancing IT performance, improved processes, and reducing risks and costs.

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