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Cybersecurity Compliance & GRC

Assess, Educate & Remediate

Security is often an afterthought regarding technology acquisition and implementation.  The average executive, faculty and staff member has little knowledge of the federal, state, and system requirements and often make requests of IT departments that violate the rules and legislative requirements that lead to unnecessary risk to the business, potential fines, and now extraordinary insurance premiums.  

Columbia Advisory Group Security Practice is founded on the three pillars of an effective Information Security Program:  Governance, Risk Management and Compliance while simultaneously educating our customers to prevent avoidable risks in the future.

Our expert Assessment services are followed by a Risk Management approach to advanced threats, performance issues, compliance and integration.  Columbia Advisory Group provides coherent, efficient and effective risk mitigation from the cloud to the data center to the device, wherever that may be.

Columbia Advisory Group provides Managed Compliance Services in the following frameworks:

  • CMMC
  • NIST 800-171
  • SOX
  • NIST 800-53
  • GDPR
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • CCPA
  • FedRAMP

By aligning our practice with these core principals in IT management we help our customers transition their Information Technology from a layer of resistance to a critical strategic business partner that provides an immediate return on investment when aligned and integrated with our customers.

Compliance Driven SOC

Columbia Advisory Group’s monitoring services provide continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking via our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure you maintain the proper ongoing controls. We manage the entire process and act as your security and compliance department during the assessment, audit, examination, and certification.

More than Compliance Readiness

Columbia Advisory Group’s managed compliance services will not only take you through the compliance readiness process but also ensures your organizations abides by regulatory requirements, certification bodies in preparation for third-party audits against security standards and cyber-insurance renewals.
Columbia Advisory group delivers unified security & compliance reporting that allows your business to track its readiness against any security or risk-based standard in real time.

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