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Columbia Advisory Group Partners with Recruit Military to Improve Technical Infrastructure; Improving User Experience and Ease-of-use

Columbia Advisory Group (CAG), a well-respected Information Technology (IT) consulting firm, successfully partnered with RecruitMilitary, a veteran-owned firm dedicated to helping military veterans achieve long term success though education, training and jobs. By assisting with the IT strategy and optimizing the management of RecruitMilitary’s technology functions including website, ecommerce engine and infrastructure, among others, CAG’s team of experts enables RecruitMilitary to focus on delivering excellent service and value to their clients.

As part of the buy-side IT due diligence, CAG recommended and developed a long-term IT optimization plan for RecruitMilitary, the leading online and digital solution for companies seeking to hire military veterans. Following completion of the successful assessment and acquisition of RecruitMilitary, the majority of IT operations were outsourced to CAG including improvement and maintenance of the company’s IT infrastructure and a core database of more than 726,000 veterans seeking employment.

“The CAG team did a great job of keeping our site and business up and running while improving our technical infrastructure. Keeping our data fresh, organized and secure is critical to serving the needs of companies and veterans; we count on CAG to do it right every time,” said Peter A. Gudmundsson, CEO of RecruitMilitary. “We have a sophisticated website that is the heart of our business. It is the engine for employers and military veterans to connect with one another. They rely on us for their livelihood, and we wouldn’t trust them to anyone other than CAG.”

“Recruit Military has done an excellent job of helping employers attract and retain high quality military veteran talent. We were very pleased to be selected to help them achieve greater success for the companies and veterans they serve,” said David McLaughlin, President and CEO of CAG. “We want to make it easy for our clients to understand and evaluate their IT options. For RecruitMilitary, we offered practical advice and a long-term solution for their IT needs that stayed within their budget. We look forward to many years of providing them with superior IT service.”

CAG works with its clients to create and provide simple, long-term solutions for difficult and demanding IT problems in a variety of economic, regulatory and budgetary environments. The industries representative of their clients include private equity firms, institutions of higher learning, non-profits, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, healthcare and pharmacy, as well as media and publishing businesses.

About Columbia Advisory Group:
Columbia Advisory Group (CAG) is a well-respected Information Technology (IT) consulting firm. An established and proven company with 100+ years of combined technology experience and business acumen, CAG’s team has assessed and helped improve the performance of more than 300 technology organizations and IT departments. By focusing on simple, meaningful and practical solutions combined with straight-forward analysis and recommendations, CAG’s team has experience in many regulatory and economic environments with companies and organizations of all sizes. CAG not only offers a deep understanding of IT, but its solutions are software and hardware agnostic. Whether a client is high growth or economically challenged, CAG can adapt to the complexities and nuances of that business. Based in Dallas, Texas, CAG works extensively with clients throughout the U.S. For more information, visit

About RecruitMilitary:
RecruitMilitary helps organizations excel by leveraging the talent of our nation’s finest people, our veterans. Founded in 1998, the company produces over 100 all-veteran job fairs nationwide, giving tens of thousands of veterans an opportunity to interact with leading employers and other organizations. In addition, the company offers the largest and most complete database of veteran talent, with more than 726,000 members.

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