IT Due Diligence

Understanding the nuance of how a business infrastructure operates is critical to managing risk and compliance. High-quality audits ensure the organization’s compliance with industry best practices, policies and standards, contracts, and legal and regulatory requirements. Audits also help build stakeholder trust and confidence in the organization’s capabilities to safeguard their sensitive and confidential information assets.

We offer third-party due diligence services on IT service providers, technology suppliers, clients, and M&A target companies, following a process to help you ensure that the organization you’re dealing with does not pose any cybersecurity risk to your business.

Our due diligence team undertakes a comprehensive evaluation of the target company during the M&A to ensure that the acquisition does not introduce operational or profit risk for the parent organization. If IT investments are needed, we help identify the budgets required to support business targets.

One of the prime issues associated with mergers is the scalability of the existing system in the parent organization. Our due diligence provides an exhaustive report on the target company’s information systems their potential to support growth targets. 

We offer comprehensive IT diligence services designed to proactively identify threats to the information systems and evaluate cybersecurity posture and data regulatory compliance. In addition, we can offer mitigation strategies that help address these risks and eliminate technical compatibility conflicts during mergers and acquisitions.


Our due diligence activities evaluate the profit-generating capacity of the merged entity to help drive up revenue and reduce costs. CAG helps identify opportunities to improve the bottom line of the organization after the M&A. 

Mergers and acquisitions are critical processes where the companies take over the assets and the liabilities besides controlling the operations. Our IT Diligence services help improve M&A diligence and integration projects to reduce costs and ensure a smooth takeover process.

More than Compliance Readiness

Columbia Advisory Group’s managed compliance and IT dilligence services will not only take you through the compliance readiness process but also ensures your organizations abides by regulatory requirements, certification bodies in preparation for third-party audits against security standards and cyber-insurance renewals.

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