Conner Huckaby

Vice President

Conner Huckaby

Conner Huckaby serves as a Vice President and is responsible for the IT strategy group that conducts due diligence and assessments for Columbia Advisory Group’s clients. He drives the research and analysis, which is vital to developing accurate and actionable recommendations, as well as overseeing the implementation of the recommendations.

After a decade in the consulting industry, Conner has conducted more than 125 strategic IT assessments and due diligence projects across a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, higher education, financial services, healthcare, retail, industrial, software, technology services, and e-commerce sectors. He has experience in mergers and acquisition advisory, due diligence and assessment services, project management, business operations, IT services, and business process design.

Conner earned his bachelor’s degree in science from Southern Methodist University’s Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering in Engineering Management and Information Systems and participates in continuing education with the school. He is an active participant in fundraising and development for the Lyle School and various other Southern Methodist University’s alumni programs, as well as programs in the Uptown and Park Cities communities.

A native Texan who spent the majority of his younger life in Washington, DC, Conner returned to Texas to complete high school before attending college in Dallas. After completing his undergraduate degree, Conner chose to reside in Dallas.