Esports technology support

As colleges add esports to their curriculum, more than 100 high schools in the U.S. now have dedicated esports teams, in addition to their traditional athletics teams.

As the global esports market surges to an expected $1.1 billion this year, Newzoo expects 2019 to net about 454 million viewers as fans tune in on livestreaming platforms to watch players compete.

Milliseconds matter in these competitive games, so the technology supporting students can make or break a budding esports program. Colleges and schools must consider their network infrastructure in order to manage bandwidth to avoid lagging speeds and interruptions. Equipment and networking technology must be able to support the speeds and processing required, and return on dollar spent is critical. In K12 schools, we understand that the same lab must be able to accommodate esports in addition to other computer education programs.

Whether your campus is considering a purpose-built arena or starting off by renovating an existing classroom or lab space for esports, CAG’s team of AV and IT experts can help you invest in assets and support to make the program a success.